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A facade system for parametric design constructed by folding composite panels. By it means, construction effective system on variable size and shapes of panels. 
1. Parametric 3D Modeling
2. Laser scanning
3. Reverse engineering for fabrication
  • Grid optimization
  • Document and detail review
  • Construction method review
  • Panel fabrication method review
  • Main structure scanning
  • Construction error examination
  • Adjust optimized surface and grid into scanning data
  • Fabrication joint and detail design
  • Sub structure, panel, etc.
  • Response to on site problem
  • 2D drawing documentation for digital fabrication
  • Reverse engineered panel installation
4. Laser scanning
5. Fabrication drawing
6. Panel installation

Through reverse engineering, 3d modeling and site condition were compared to examine the construction error. All exterior panels were precisely fabricated fit in on site condition.


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