We do define the boundless of technology.
Constantly thinking,
Until finding the best solution,

we break the limits of technology.

We do never stop to change.
This is our philosophy.

WITHWORKS is an architectural façade engineering firm established in 2003.


We have participated in many freeform building projects as an engineer / fabricator / sub-contractor; thus proving our engineering know-how  within freeform building construction.

We’ve gained good feedback from our clients with whom we built these diverse range project together.

Based on cutting edge digital design and digital manufacturing technology, whether you choose us as your consultant, manufacturer, engineer in freeform façade project to improve the quality of the building shape and finish; we are with you to ensure your project will be top class.

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WITHWORKS Architects & Engineers Inc.



서울시 송파구 법원로 11길7, 문정현대지식산업센터 C동 1216호

C-1216, 7 Beobwon-ro, Songpagu, Seoul, Korea  T +82.2.417.0782  F +82.2.417.0784

Email  :  info@withworks.kr

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